When a Death Occurs

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When a Death Occurs

This day could possibly be the most difficult of your life; emotions and fears are heightened and you may feel alone and at a loss. If possible, enlist the help of friends and family members who can help you and provide you with the support and clarity you need.

If a death occurs under supervised care

When a death occurs in a care facility, such as a hospital, or under the care of Hospice or nursing home, the professional staff will immediately notify you and the necessary authorities. They will also need to make immediate contact with a funeral home*.

*If your loved one’s Drivers’ License or Advanced Directive includes organ donations, the care staff will need to make immediate arrangements with a hospital.

If you have a contractual relationship or a preference for a specific funeral home or mortuary, remind or advise the care staff of their name and contact information so they can contact them to proceed with the pick up of your loved one’s remains. It is most likely that the Funeral Director will then contact you soon after. You may also contact them directly to ensure all transportation arrangements from the institution to the funeral home are made to your preference.

If a death occurs at home, work, public area, or not under professional supervised care

When a death occurs in a setting that is not under professional supervised care, emergency personnel (911) and/or the person’s physician should be contacted immediately.

If the death occurs while the person is alone or unaccompanied, the police will need to be notified and respond to the residence before the remains are removed by a funeral home or mortuary.

If you have a contractual relationship or a preference for a specific funeral home or mortuary, they should be contacted immediately.

The next day

You will be in contact with the mortuary

By this time, you will be in contact with a funeral home. You can now schedule an agreeable time to meet and discuss any funeral arrangements. You will also notify them of your wishes for a permanent resting place, such as Green Hills Memorial Park. Our staff members are experienced professionals who can work with the Mortuary staff to ensure you are properly guided and assisted.

This may also be the right time to contact family members and friends, clergy or other spiritual or guidance advisors.

When a Death Occurs

A Green Hills Memorial Park counselor will be honored to assist you in this difficult time.


Contact Green Hills Memorial Park

If pre-planned arrangements were made, your counselor at Green Hills Memorial Park will be available to assist you to complete your loved one’s wishes. You can contact us at (310) 521-4333.

We will offer assistance, guidance, and means to help enter the healing journey. Many families may have discussed cremation as the right option for them. They may also want, however, to maintain a physical closeness or special meeting place to visit their loved one. Green Hills offers many permanent resting place options for casket or cremation. Our staff, we’ll be able to assist you in the right arrangement to meet your traditions, religious beliefs, preferences or family needs. There are many options. Please allow our counselor to guide you by contacting us at (310) 521-4333.

Preparing for the meeting at the Funeral Home

As you call to make an appointment with the funeral home, the arranger will guide you through the entire arrangement process, regarding what information and documentation to gather and will explain how you can create a memorable personal celebration of your loved one’s life. This is not a one-way conversation; we encourage you to share your loved one’s hobbies, lifestyle, and preferences to make any ceremony as personal as possible. Your meeting with them may include:

  • Preparing and filing the official death certificate and other documentation
  • Selecting a casket, urn or other items
  • Preparing an obituary notice
  • Scheduling vehicles
  • Scheduling the location, date and time of services or events
  • Planning a Memorial Celebration