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Plan Ahead

Why Plan Ahead?

  • Secures property pricing based on today’s costs.
  • Ensures your wishes are known.
  • Minimizes disputes among family members.
  • Allows you to make arrangements together, not alone, and with clarity.
  • Allows you to take advantage of property selection and cash discounts.
  • Protects against the rising cost of inflation and emotional overspending*.

*Since 1933, the cost of dying has increased 25% faster than the cost of living.

Did You Know…?

  • Most do not know their loved ones’ end-of-life choices.
  • Most decisions are required 48 hours after a death.
  • Cemetery costs need to be paid in full prior to services.
  • Most life insurance benefits are received long after services have occurred.
  • Too many people unwillingly leave these final expenses for their loved ones to assume.
  • 67% of all arrangements are made by widows and children.

Plan Ahead

Who Should Plan Ahead?Personal Preference Guide

Adults who wish to not burden their older or younger family members with financial responsibilities or decision making.