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Why Green Hills Memorial Park?Our staff will be able to assist you in the right arrangement to meet your traditions, religious beliefs, preferences or family needs. There are many options. Many families may have discussed cremation as the right option for them. They may also want, however, to maintain a physical closeness or special meeting place to visit their loved one. Green Hills offers many permanent resting place options for casket or cremation.

Traditions, religious beliefs, personal or practical preferences, or finances may affect the choices people make after a death occurs.   The good news is that there are many options to accommodate these needs. Whether full body burial or cremation is chosen, Green Hills Memorial Park offers families solutions.

A Gathering Place

Most of us are not ready to say goodbye forever, and grief is a very personal experience. A permanent resting place that is accessible to friends and individual family members offers an opportunity to feel physically close to their loved one. Individuals or groups can visit, offering each person the unique experience they require to grieve or experience the journey of healing.

A Beautiful Setting

Green Hills Memorial Park is a unique setting. Located in the Palos Verdes Peninsula, it is the only memorial park in Los Angeles County with a view of the ocean.

Community Support

You are not alone. Green Hills Memorial Park offers many unique opportunities throughout the year to gather with family, friends, and/or community members to celebrate the lives, traditions, and values we treasure. Learn more about upcoming events or grief support meetings.

Why Green Hills Memorial Park

Green Hills Memorial Park offers families the opportunity to remain physically close and have a serene, safe, and dignified meeting place.


Celebrating Traditions

Past and Future: Green Hills Memorial Park is a special place to enjoy a picnic or celebrate a special day in close physical proximity to a loved one. Families gather to share past memories and build new ones in this private and serene environment, knowing that their loved one is present and cared for.

Dignity and Peace of Mind

Families deserve peace of mind, and our loved ones’ lives deserve to be celebrated with respect and dignity. For this reason, Green Hills Memorial Park offers meticulous care of our grounds and a safe environment for all visitors.