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DISPOSITION 2017-04-21T04:18:00+00:00

The placement of cremated or whole human remains in their final resting place. A Permit for Disposition must be filed with the local registrar before disposition can take place.

DISINTERMENT 2017-04-21T04:17:25+00:00

The act of removing human remains that have been interred.

DIRECT DISPOSITION 2017-04-21T04:16:23+00:00

Any final disposition of human remains, without formal viewing, visitation, or ceremony with the body present.

DIRECT DISPOSER 2017-04-21T04:15:48+00:00

A person (as defined) authorized by law to practice direct disposition.

DEDICATION 2017-04-21T04:15:13+00:00

The process by which a legal description of a cemetery site is filed with a declaration that the property is to be used exclusively for cemetery purposes.

DECEASED/DECENDENT 2017-04-21T04:13:50+00:00

One who is no longer living.

DEATH CERTIFICATE 2017-04-21T04:12:14+00:00

A legal document containing vital statistics pertaining to the life and death of the deceased.

CRYPT 2017-04-21T04:10:40+00:00

A space in a mausoleum or other building to hold cremated or whole human remains.

CREMATORY OPERATOR 2017-04-21T04:08:53+00:00

Any person (as defined) who conducts or performs a cremation.

CREMATORY AUTHORITY 2017-04-21T04:04:40+00:00

Any person (as defined) that owns or controls a crematory.

CREMATORY 2017-04-21T04:04:02+00:00

A structure containing a furnace or retort used or intended to be used for the cremation of human remains.

CREMATION PERMIT 2017-04-21T04:03:28+00:00

A legal document issued by a local regulatory authority giving permission for cremation of the deceased.enclosed receptacle, which is combustible, rigid, and leak-resistant, that is designed for the encasement of human remains prior to and during cremation.

CREMATION CONTAINER 2017-04-21T04:02:51+00:00

An enclosed receptacle, which is combustible, rigid, and leak-resistant, that is designed for the encasement of human remains prior to and during cremation.

CREMATION CHAMBER 2017-04-21T04:02:14+00:00

The enclosed space in which the cremation of human remains is performed.

CREMATION 2017-04-21T04:01:45+00:00

Exposing human remains and the container holding them to extreme heat and flame and processing the resulting bone fragments to a uniform size and consistency.

CREMATED REMAINS CONTAINER 2017-04-21T04:00:17+00:00

A receptacle in which cremated remains are placed awaiting final disposition.

CREMATED REMAINS 2017-04-21T03:59:28+00:00

The bone fragments remaining after the cremation process, which may include the residue of any foreign materials that were cremated with the human remains.

COMMINGLING 2017-04-21T03:58:42+00:00

The mixing of cremated remains of more than one decedent.

COLOMBARIUM 2017-04-21T03:58:06+00:00

A structure with niches (small spaces) for placement of cremated remains in urns or other approved containers. It may be outdoors or part of a mausoleum.

CEMETERY SERVICES 2017-04-21T03:57:34+00:00

Opening and closing graves, crypts, or niches; setting grave liners and vaults; setting markers; and long-term maintenance of cemetery grounds and facilities.

CEMETERY PROPERTY 2017-04-21T03:57:04+00:00

A grave, crypt, niche, or defined area for scattering cremated remains.

CEMETERY AUTHORITY 2017-04-21T03:56:01+00:00

Any person (as defined) that owns or controls a cemetery or conducts cemetery business.

CEMETERY 2017-04-21T03:55:23+00:00

A place that is established, maintained, managed, operated, or improved and which is dedicated to and used or intended to be used for the final disposition of human remains and their memorialization.

CASKET/COFFIN 2017-04-21T03:54:45+00:00

A box or chest for burying human remains.

CASKET 2017-04-21T03:54:06+00:00

A rigid container which is designed for the encasement of human remains and which is usually constructed of wood, metal, or like material, and ornamented and lined with fabric.

CASH ADVANCE 2017-04-21T03:50:27+00:00

Any item of service or merchandise described to a purchaser as a “cash advance”, “accommodation”, “cash disbursement”, or similar term. A cash advance item is also any item obtained from a third party and paid for by the seller on the purchaser’s behalf. Cash advance items may include, but are not limited to, cemetery or crematory services; pallbearers; public transportation; clergy honoraria, flowers; musicians or singers; nurses; obituary notices; gratuities; and death certificates.

BURIAL PERMIT 2017-04-21T03:49:29+00:00

A legal document issued by a local regulatory authority authorizing final disposition of human remains.

BURIAL 2017-04-21T03:49:01+00:00

The placement of human remains in a grave space.

BENEFICIARY 2017-04-21T03:48:04+00:00

One who benefits from an act, such as one for whom a prepaid contract is entered into or the successor-in-interest of a life insurance policy.

BELOW-GROUND CRYPT 2017-04-21T03:47:25+00:00

A pre-placed enclosed chamber, which is usually constructed of reinforced concrete, poured in place or pre-cast unit installed in quantity, either side by side or multiple depth, and covered by earth or sod and known also as a lawn crypt, turf-top crypt, etc.

ALTERNATIVE CONTAINER 2017-04-21T04:28:39+00:00

A non-metal receptacle or enclosure, without ornamentation or a fixed interior lining, which is designed for the encasement of human remains and which is made of cardboard, pressed-wood, composition materials (with or without an outside covering), or pouches of canvas or other materials.

ARRANGEMENT CONFERENCE 2017-04-21T04:28:19+00:00

The meeting occurring either at need or pre-need between the seller and the purchaser during which funeral and cemetery merchandise and services are discussed.

ARRANGEMENT CONFERENCE FEE 2017-04-21T04:28:04+00:00

The charge to the purchaser in conjunction with the arrangement conference.

AT NEED 2017-04-21T04:27:41+00:00

At the time of, or immediately following, death.

AUTHORIZING AGENT 2017-04-21T04:24:31+00:00

One who is lawfully authorized to control the final disposition of the human remains.

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