How to Choose a Cemetery

How to Choose a Cemetery

Choosing a permanent resting place could be quite daunting. Whether the choice comes from the family after a passing or from the individual him/herself, several aspects should be considered:

Choosing a cemetery photoCemetery Location:

Being close to where we lived and have roots contributes to our sense of heritage and legacy. Having attended burials for others gives a sense of familiarity (and companionship) at a very lonely time; and providing our loved ones an accessible location to visit may ease the grief and sense of loss.

Type of Cemetery:

Cemeteries can be Public, Religious, District or Municipal, National or Veterans Cemeteries, and they each have their own rules, requirements and philosophies. Feeling comfortable with all of these could be helpful. Knowing the hours, the care, noise levels, future expansion plans, cleanliness, and spirit of welcome makes the difference between feeling comforted and bare.

Long Term vs. Not: Endowment Care Cemeteries

When you purchase internment rights at a cemetery like Green Hills Memorial Park, part of the price of the space goes to an endowment care fund held in a trust. A portion of the income for the endowment care fund is used to help provide regular care and maintenance of the cemetery such as cutting grass, planting and caring for trees, roads and sidewalks, sewage, safety, etc. It becomes part of what some of us call respect and dignity.

Appearance and options

Do you like an urban feel or serenity? Hills, flatland, trees, tombstones or park-like setting? Do you seek a place that honors a particular group such as veterans or children? Cared for grounds that continue to grow, or facing deterioration? Limited to particular groups (e.g. religious, veterans) or one that welcomes additional family members? Do you enjoy beauty in the landscape, statues, duck ponds, streams?


Cemeteries have different personalities and traits which you might like or dislike.  Some traits can involve their level of activity in the community, support for the grieving, access to additional properties that support a heritage feel, and an environment that offers more of an embrace and less of a fear.


The prices of lots or plots at cemeteries can really vary. Prices are normally set based on the location within the cemetery. A view, closeness to a stream, access from a pathway, locations within a mausoleum, all contribute to pricing. Having more options in settings, discount programs and/or payment plans, can mean more options in price; and peace of mind.

In conclusion

Once a funeral has taken place, it becomes a memory; for the cemetery it is just the beginning. The cemetery is the last resting place for our dear friends and family members. It is always the place where we will visit and pay our respects to loved ones and where we want to feel safe and comfortable.     As a family looking at cemetery property, it is important to take into consideration the needs and wishes of everyone involved. Ensure you are at ease with the decision you are making, as it contributes to the process of healing.

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