Our Circle of Life in a Story Book

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Our Circle of Life in a Story Book

Life can be a mixed bag: Scary, Rewarding, Challenging, Joyful, Generous, Peaceful, and Hectic. Sometimes, all in the same day. But regardless, life is a story book –  our personal story book. It has a beginning, an end, and a legacy that follows.

At Green Hills, we love to tell stories of lives well lived and include all who make that possible. We invite you to tell your story in our complimentary Advanced Planning Guide. Your family and friends will know your personal wishes and who you are out to protect and share your life with.

We encourage you to start a conversation of your life story, which includes a future beyond your earthly years: Write down your wishes. Secure your resting place today. Start paying for it ahead of time with great discounts instead of  loading your family with debt. Minimize conflicts among surviving family members…

Start working on your legacy today. Call us and encourage others to do the same.

Picking up the phone and calling Green Hills will take minutes. The rewards and peace of mind will last a lifetime – and will form part of your story.

Preplan. Read more…

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